Sunday, April 26, 2009

Volunteer Work

As I stated in my posted entitled "Who? Me?!," my sexy coworker is a very motivated individual. Aside from his overall sexiness, that's one of the main reasons why I am drawn to him as a person. And he did not disappoint me with his motivation...

For the past few months, he has been telling me about how he plans to leave Corporate America and, along with his older brother, start a non-profit organization to increase health awareness in children in New York City, starting in Harlem. Yesterday, his plans came to fruition. Yesterday morning was their inaugural day, if you wanna call it that. They decided to hold a day of games and activities for some kids in Harlem at a school there, and I was one of the volunteers. Even though I absolutely despise waking up early (especially on a Saturday), I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself, and the event turned out to be quite successful. There were other organizations there too, but they all work together with the Children's Aid Society, which has been around for over a century. It was pretty hot yesterday, and for the most part I was just standing around not doing much. But seeing the kids play, laugh and just plain enjoy themselves did give me some satisfaction. And seeing my coworker explain to people the nature of his new organization with passion made me proud that I have gotten to know him and how I need to be around him. In this economy, there is no job security, so you have GOT to have a backup plan! So now I'm just praying and asking God to direct me to my God-given talent.

When the event was over for the day, he sent a text thanking me for my support, and how it meant a lot to him as he tried to keep the momentum of the company flowing. I replied saying it was my pleasure, and congratulated him on doing big things, and how a positive inspiration he was. Think about many people do you know have big plans about their life or career and actually follow through with what they say? Sadly, not many.

I encourage all of you to volunteer somehow, somewhere. It's the best thing you can do as a human being.

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fuzzy said...

I'm doing some volunteer work at the end of the month down in central jersey somewhere with my job. I'm really looking forward to it!