Thursday, April 24, 2008

Born-Again Virgin No More


Anybody that knows me knows how I felt about being a bottom. Nope, not me. I will never, ever, never do that shit again. That stemmed from my frustration and disappointment with the few chosen dudes (four to be exact) lucky enough to get up in my ass. Especially the last dude, who swore up and down on his mama and daddy about how good his top status was, how I was gonna love it, blah blah blah. (Some short dude from Philly. He must've had a Napolean Complex or something.) Anyway, after the lackluster performance that he called fuckin me, I swore off letting anybody else get the chance. And believe it or not, I kept my word for six whole years to the month...April 2002. Many dudes have come after him asking me, hell, practically begging me to give em some. Some gave me the line that they will take their time, and even tried just sticking the head in. But just like nagging mosquitos in the summer, I brushed em all away.

Fuck them! They are not my boyfriends. They'll just get it from somebody else. They will be just fine, I told myself. And I was perfectly content with that answer.

By the time I started to talk to this dude about a year or so ago from Elizabeth that I met from Men4Now, I was happy with the (very high) wall I built up about bottoming. Like I always do, as soon as he hit me up, I immediately went to the "sexual role" part of his profile. Versatile. Great, I said to myself, he's gonna eventually want some ass if we meet. But little does he know that opening is closed indefinitely! Many months passed throughout our phone conversations (and phone boning) about hookin up. I was not pressed on meeting him. I've gone years without meeting people face-to-face that I consider good friends. He definitely did not fit that criteria, so I wasn't beat at all. A phone call or IM every now and then would suit me just fine. And besides, I was still living at home with my aunt and uncle, and he had his brother staying with him, so we really had no place to meet up anyway. (He mentioned a hotel, but I don't do hotels just for sex. Shot that down real quick.) Oh goes on.

But when I moved into my own place earlier this month, a funny thing happened. I actually started thinking about allowing myself to become a bottom once again. But with whom, I said to myself. Shit, I don't wanna just give that up to just any dude. To me, givin up the ass symbolizes giving up a very big part of you that everybody should not be entitled to. I knew I wanted to do it with somebody I was cool (or semi-cool) with, so the Elizabeth dude was near the top of the list. So began my full-fledged propositioning. About a week later, he told me he would come through this past Tuesday. Oh boy, the time has come once again. Gotta finally walk the walk instead of talking the talk. When I got home Tuesday, I saw that he was online, so I hit him up asking if he was still coming. He said he forgot that he had to go to his cousin's house for some kinda party. See, I knew it, he's bullshittin. But hey, I ain't sweatin it. My hole will just continue to stay closed to dicks a little while longer. He then mentions that he's "definitely not doing anything tomorrow." So we rescheduled for the next day.

He calls me the next day while I'm still at work, so I told him I would call him when I get home. When I got home, I was still only halfway believing that he was actually gonna come thru. And I definitely was half-skeptical about letting him in back there. But my optimism won out, so I jumped in the shower and proceeded to get myself together. I text him and hit him up online, and I got no response to neither. Just like I thought, he's not coming. He's full of shit. I went into the kitchen to fix myself dinner and didn't worry about him. Lo and behold, the muthafucka calls me around 8:30 and told me he was coming. Hot damn, he's actually gonna keep his word. "Is 9:30 cool?" he asked.
"Yeah that's fine," I said.
I can't say I was excited or waiting in anticipation. Lord knows I've met up with many dudes, and he really was no different. I was over the excitement of meeting a dude. He calls me around 9:45 and told me he was down the street, so I went outside to meet him and direct him to a parking spot. I got inside his car and was relieved that he was not a monster. (He showed me a nice pic a good while ago, but by then, I practically forgot what he looked like.) I escorted him into my apartment and directed him into my bedroom. Oh yeah, did I mention he had a bottle of Henny with him? LOL We both sipped on the Henny while watching a porno. He seemed to be more interested in the liquor and porno than me, so I scooted my ass over closer and closer to him, which lead to me kissing on his neck. Then we got to it...

More kissin and lickin, me givin him head, him givin me head. I was just happy that I was gettin any kind of action again after four months. Then he asked me, "You wanna fuck me?"
"Yeah, if that's what you want," I answered. (I'm very laid-back in all aspects of my life.") So out comes the condom and lube, and up pop his legs on my shoulders. He told me he last bottomed back in November, and he seemed to be takin it like a damn pro. First on his back, then doggy, then on his stomach. From the way he was moaning and responding, I take it that he enjoyed what I was giving. And believe me, I enjoyed giving it. I silently patted myself on the back for a good job. After that part was over, I straddled myself across his stomach. As I straddled him, he did what oh so many dudes in the past have done...he tried sticking the head in. I quickly pushed away.
"I just wanted to play with it," he says.
"I don't play like that, especially with no condom," I said back.
"Aight, so get the condom."

*Insert Jeopardy music here*

Hmm...should I let him have some or should I just tell him no. Decisions, decisions. After a few seconds, I got myself off the bed and went to my drawer to get another condom, silently talking to myself the whole time.

Maybe it won't hurt as much as the last time I remember.
He's only about 7.5 inches; I think I can deal with that.
He did let me fuck him; it's only right that I reciprocate.

So I climbed on top of him and tried to guide the car into my tunnel. No luck.
"Let me try another position," he said.
Oh boy, here we go.
So I laid myself on my bed, on my stomach, with my legs off the bed. First I felt fingers, then I eventually felt the thing that reminded me six years ago why I absolutely hated being a bottom. I felt the dick reach the part inside me that truly opened me up and made my cherry go, pop! OMG! I don't know if I can get used to this again! He slowly stroked himself in and out of me. It still hurt me but it actually was pretty good nonetheless. He continued for a good while longer until I decided that enough was enough; the probing was over lol. We bust our collective nuts and the show was officially over.

And with that, my Great Wall of China (Great Wall of Greg?) came tumbling down. I accomplished givin up the booty to somebody that I was on pretty good terms with. And I'm sure it's not gonna be some one time thing. I'll meet up with him again and get reacquainted with this whole versatile thing. I know one thing...we better have a bigger bottle of liquor cause that bitch brought over a little half pint of Henny. I was so over him for that shit! LOL I wanna be nice and inebriated next time so I can really be relaxed. Til next time, my hole will return to normal lol. (I know my crew is gagging right now, but smiling. Right?)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


After years of saying how much I was going to/wanted to move out to a spot of my own, on Saturday, April 5th it finally came to fruition. I moved from Somerset to Bayonne. (I'm still kickin myself for doing this at the age of 30, but oh well. Everything happens for a reason.) I chose Bayonne cause it's a pretty nice neighborhood, yet close enough to my job in Jersey City that I can walk to the light rail station. Plus, I save time and money from taking the regular NJ Transit train (one of the worst train systems ever!). Now my commute has been reduced from 50 minutes to 25 minutes. Alriiiiiiiight! And for all those that already live on their own, they know what I'm talkin about when I say how free and independent it feels to come home to a place that's allllllll yours, just the way YOU left it, without hearin nobody's fuckin mouth! You can come and go as you please, have whoever come through, and walk around au natural whenever. (If my walls could talk about that, they would tell you all about that one lol.) But seriously, I felt like by staying at home, I was stifling myself as a man from reaching my full potential, and now I feel like my potential is pretty much limitless now. For so long, I worried about whether I had the economic means or even the determination to live alone. The economic means happened this year (thank God for bonuses!), which in turn triggered my determination. I'm sure my aunt and uncle miss having me there taking care of little things around the house, and I'm sure they miss my portion of the mortgage money too! God has finally blessed with this opportunity, and I jumped at the chance. I'll most likely have a housewarming party, since everybody keeps asking me. Now I just to work on having my special company come over lol. And to all my friends...NO PARTIES at my house. We'll save those for Shawn's spot, cause his spot is the designated location for our kinda parties lol.

I got a steady job, a car, and now my own apartment. My shit is set now! Go head me!