Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My First 'Random Thoughts' Post

For the first time since I've had this blog (which has been about six months now), I decided to post random thoughts. I don't know why, but I don't particularly like to write just random thoughts on my blog. Whenever I post, I usually think about it for a day or two to gather my thoughts, then start typing it up. If it's a really in-depth post, like discussing my parents, I type up a draft, leave it alone, then come back to it to make sure all the details I want are all in there. But hell, I haven't posted in about a month, so this is a good way to update my shit lol. Here goes....

* I haven't told a lot of people from my church (cause the people are nosy as hell), but I told this one chick that goes to my church that I'm mad cool with that I was gonna be moving out of my aunt and uncle's house. She tried to convince me otherwise by telling me how hard it is, and if I have credit card debt, then I shouldn't move at this time. (Maybe because she's goin through hard times living by herself.) Shit, I'll be 30 years old soon. How much longer do I wait? And besides, I know it's gonna be hard cause life period is hard. My credit card debt is not going away any time soon. I will always owe somebody some money, so I'm definitely payin that no mind at all. Her situation has nothin to do with me. But I believe it's different for a man to be living at home at a certain age than a woman. I know another girl from my church that's 32 and still living at home. And she's cool with it. Not me. The way I see it, the longer I stay home, the more less of a man I feel. I feel like I'm stifling my growth by staying here and I need to spread my fuckin wings. The time is overdue!

* Yesterday I told my uncle that I will be moving very soon. He just nodded his head in agreement. Of course the real reaction from him will be when I finally do move out, and only he and his wife will be responsible for all the house bills. But that's not my problem nor my responsibility. I didn't make the decision to move and get a 4 BR house. I gots to go!

* Today, while on my commute, I was bombarded with screaming Giants fans on both the NJ Transit train and the PATH train, all on their way to the parade. The PATH train was a lot worse cause the black folk were on there screaming, and I'm pretty sure a few were drunk as hell. By the way one dude was holding the plastic bag, I can tell by the shape of the bottle that it was either Hennessey or E&J, and he was poring it into a cup. Damn! They're gettin drunk already, I was thinkin to myself. Mind you, it was only about 10:30 in the morning. But I bet very few of em got their asses up to vote! I can tell by one of them screaming out, "Eli Manning for President!" Sad. It's obvious where the priorities are for some of our people.

* I still don't know what the hell I wanna do for my 30th. Half of me wants a full-fledged party (cause 30 is such a milestone), but half of me just wants a simple dinner. I half-jokingly (but kinda seriously) asked my friend from Jersey City if he can help me plan it. I think he's trying to help me lol, but I'll see. He said if his apartment were bigger I could have it there. Oh well. I have 39 more days and counting til the big day.

That's all the random thoughts I have for now.