Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a (Thankful) Thanksgiving!

My original plans for Thanksgiving were to either spend it with my brother, nieces and nephew in PA, or just go to my aunt and uncle's house in central Jersey (where I used to live with them). I had planned it that way for about a good week or so. But early last week, my sexy coworker (read all about him in my blog entitled "Who? Me?!") asked me what I was doing, and extended an invitation for me to join him and his family for a Thanksgiving dinner at his sister's house in the Bronx, NY. I thought to myself, Hmmm...well it would give me a great opportunity to see his sexy ass again, and his family always welcomes me whenever they see me, but do I really feel like driving to the Bronx? I'll have to think about that one.

After going back and forth with myself for the next few days leading up to the holiday, I decided to nix the PA visit (didn't feel like driving the long distance). I called my aunt to see who else was coming to the house, and she mentioned her son (who I have no problem with, but really didn't feel like talking to him all day long with), and her grandchildren. Nope, not enough people, I said to myself. So I decided I was gonna go to my aunt and uncle's house, then make my way to the Bronx afterwards. On Thanksgiving Day, I text my coworker around 1PM and told him that I was on my way to the aunt and uncle's house, and that I was only gonna be there for a few hours, to which he replied, "OK." I finally arrived at the house and greeted all that were present: my aunt, uncle, cousin, and his kids (her grandkids - one 16-year-old boy and one 18-year-old girl). But then I saw two others I didn't recognize. Turns out they were two friends of the 18-year-old, so I cordially shook both of their hands. One of them was around 10, and the other was around my female cousin's age, with baggy jeans, baggy shirt, and two pigtails. Looked like a damn hoodlum to me lol. The hoodlum was a friend that went to college with my cousin, and the 10-year-old was the hoodlum's cousin. After some small talk, it was finally time to do what the hell we were there eat! It was at the table that I came to realize that the "hoodlum" was a girl. She looked just like a dude to me lol. And she didn't even have a female's name. And I observed the interaction between her and my cousin, and then I saw cousin had a tattoo of a guitar with the rainbow colors in the middle! cousin is a lesbian, and this is her girlfriend! LOL I chuckled to myself at that, even though nobody mentioned it (it wasn't the time anyway). But I'm very curious to know what her parents and my aunt had to say about that, being that they're all Pentecostal ministers (you know how they, and most Christians, feel about homosexuality). After we finished eating, I went to help my uncle with some iPod issue, and my cousin and girlfriend went into the living room to watch TV, with my cousin leaning all over her girlfriend. Yup, she's definitely gay lol. This is an interesting Thanksgiving, but it was gonna get even more interesting...

I was pretty much over all of them by 5PM, so I made my grand exit. Coincidentally enough, my sexy coworker text me telling me to let him know when I was on my way, and I happily obliged. I called him when I was about 10-15 minutes away, and he tells me that he'll leave the door open because he's about to take a shower. O-M-G...let me hurry my ass up to see him! I was cursin every car in front of me and every damn traffic light lol. When I stepped inside, he had just gotten out of the shower, and he was standing upstairs with nothing on but a towel! *Fanning myself* It took everything within me not to run upstairs and rip off the towel. Talk about torture! I calmed myself down after he came downstairs fully clothed. That flirtatious bastard lol.

So we made our way to his sister's house about 20 minutes away. We stepped inside and most of his family members were already there. Most of them I didn't know though, but I greeted everyone with handshakes for the men and kisses on the cheeks for the women. I especially was greeted by his mother (who adores me), his father, and his female cousin. After some small talk with a few of his family members, it was time for me to eat for the second time. But at this dinner, they had some nice red wine, and my coworker's brother-in-law made some bangin ass jello shots filled with Bacardi and Parrot Bay. Compliments to him! LOL After the food and drinks had subsided, my coworker proceeds to look in is iPhone for movies that are playing that night (he's always looking for a movie to see).

Me: What movie are you looking to see?
Sexy Coworker: I'm looking to see that movie Milk with Sean Penn. (Milk is the story about 70s gay rights activist Harvey Milk, the first gay man ever elected to a public office. If you are not familiar with him or his story, go to
Me: Who are you going to see it with?
SC: I'll go by myself.
Me: I'll go with you. (I didn't have to work the next day, and this was a good way to chill with him one-on-one.)
SC: Aight cool. (Jokingly) You think it'll look right for us to be seeing this kind of movie together?
Me: (Jokingly) Just don't sit next to me.

Not too long after, we left his sister's house, dropped off his cousin, and made our way into Manhattan to the movie. We talked about a few things on the way there (including how I felt about gay marraiges), but nothing at all about the movie. We finally get to the theatre, and it was packed. (It was playing at a small, local theater, so it was very easy for the theater to get packed.) So guess what? We had to sit right next to each other. Oh well lol. And the movie was excellent! Sean Penn really did a good job playing Harvey Milk. There were a lot of things I connected with and related to in the movie. In fact, there was one scene where Milk is giving a speech and he shouts, "Come out to your coworkers! Come out to your friends!" he talking about me? LOL All throughout the movie, revealing my "secret" to my coworker was nagging at me. When we left the theater and got back into his car, we talked about how great the movie was. I asked him why he chose to see that movie, and he tells me that he's a very open-minded person and how comfortable he is with himself. At this point, I felt like I was gonna burst if I didn't tell him. And since we just got finished seeing a movie about gays and gay rights, now was the perfect time for me to tell him. So here is the big moment:

Me: So (insert name here), let me tell you something...
SC: Yo (meaning, go ahead).
Me: I'm gay.
SC: You?
Me: Yup. I know you already knew, with all those gay jokes you say to me.
SC: Nah, I was actually just playing with you. If I'd have known, I wouldn't have made the jokes at all. But I'm cool with it.
Me: Well that actually didn't bother me at all, cause I know you're a silly ass.

We talked a little while longer about the subject: why did I "choose" this lifestyle, who else at our job knows, who at our job is also gay (he mentioned 2 people, but I didn't know either one of them), who at our job he thought or still thinks is gay, if family knows, have I ever dated/messed with women. I was expecting those types of questions, so I answered everything honestly. I think he's bi-curious, because he told me that he does wonder what it would be like to be with another man, but he keeps reminding himself on how he loves to "blaze women." (I'll work on him on that lol.) I really felt a big relief because gradually it was eating away at me. And hell, it was gonna come out eventually, cause things like that always do. But I was even more relieved that he took the news in stride. It's always a double-edged sword when you drop some news like that on a person. Either they're gonna accept it, move on, and treat you exactly the same as before they found out, or just do a complete 360 and stop being bothered with you. After our discussion, I'm sure it's the former. In fact, when I was getting into my car to go home, he already invited me back to his house for Christmas.

Now only two people at my job know about me. But the question remaining he still gonna bring over a chick for this threesome we're supposed to have? LMAO. I reminded him about that as well, and he said, "Oh yeah, I do have to work on that." But time will tell. Oh well, that's neither here nor there.

What a Thanksgiving huh?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish you all (and your families) a Happy Thanksgiving! May you always be grateful for everything you have in your, friends, your health, a place to live, food to eat, etc. But especially in this rough economy, be thankful you have a job! (I know I am.) God bless you all!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Tribute to Our President-Elect

Here are some newspaper covers and reactions from people all over the world regarding President-Elect Obama. It's quite an amazing feat that one person can have so much of an impact on the world!

From France:

From the Philippines:

From Senegal:

From Indonesia: