Friday, March 28, 2008

My Prayer

This is dedicated to one of the best friends I've ever had (love you man!), and to all those going through. Be encouraged!

God, I pray that you come into their lives right now and touch, heal, and comfort their broken hearts and spirits. I ask that You manifest Yourself in their lives by renewing their strength, faith, trust, and joy in You. Don't let them be tricked by the Devil into thinking they are the only ones going through life's problems and they are all alone, for we know that we as humans all go through the same things eventually. Please Lord I ask that You allow them to not be afraid to reach out to You and others for help, because noone can make it through this life entirely on their own. Let them not forget that You have placed us into their lives for a reason, and we are there for them in their time of need. It hurts us to see people we care about go through an emotional transformation when tribulations come, but remind them that You will never give them more than they can bear, and no weapon formed against them shall prosper. All things work together for the good for those that love You. Continue to guide them in Your marvelous light and presence so that they will instantly know that, when storms and trials come, they'll see that storms don't last forever. Order their steps and give them inner peace so that they can rest in the comfort of Your arms. All these things I ask in the mighty name of Jesus...Amen.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Milestone (Part 2)

Last night marked the conclusion to my 30th birthday celebration. Part 2's celebration was more sophisticated than Part 1's, taking place at Elmo Restaurant in the Chelsea section of NYC. I rented out the room downstairs, ordered a party tray, and hired a DJ. This was my first year planning any type of party at all, let alone my own party. So it was all a new experience for me, and I was a little anxious and nervous cause I wanted my guests to be comfortable and everything to turn out right.

I planned on arriving at the venue around 8PM (the time I said the party would start). I didn't wanna be one of those hosts that showed up after their guests did. But I ended up getting there about 8:40 (still haven't gotten used to driving to some parts of Manhattan yet lol). But it really didn't matter, cause when I got there, nobody was there anyway. *Sigh* Black people always have be so damn fashionably late lol. About 20 minutes later, my first guest arrives...X. I asked him at the last minute to buy a nice strawberry shortcake, and dude came through. Not only did he have the cake, but he had the candles with the number 30. (Thanks X! Much appreciated!) My second guest Jason arrived about a half hour later. Most of the people didn't get there til 10, and I did my duties as a host and mingled with all of them. I was relieved as I saw everybody talking, laughing, eating, drinking, dancing and just plain having a good time. People really seemed to have liked the restaurant. It did give off a nice aura, so I was proud of myself for picking it. Did I have some drinks? Hell yeah! It's my party! LOL But I promised myself that I would not have a rerun of last week's encounter, so I stuck with Malibu and orange the whole night. (No prayin to the porcelain god this time lol.) I was proud of myself for keeping my own word. Around midnight, the cake was served and the party was starting to wind down. A little more dancing and conversing ensued, and the party was officially over at 1AM. (I later learned that some of my guests snuck upstairs to get pics with the Danity Kane chicks and a pic of Will from Day 26. How dare yall lol.)

After that, my boys Dee and Jason and myself went on over to the Secret Lounge, where we unexpectedly struck up a decent conversation with 2 older white dudes as we waited on line in the cold to get inside. They seemed real cool, but one of em was a little too damn touchy feely and a bit too inquisitive. Leave it to my boy Dee to read him quite well, so I just let them carry on. When we finally got inside, it was crowded as I expected. We made our way to the bar and pretty much stayed there the whole time. (Another Malibu and orange ordered for me, paid for by Dee.) Jason met up with 2 people he knew, while Dee and I just shot the breeze. Eventually, touchy feely white dude spotted us again, so he came over to us. (Yet one more Malibu and orange ordered, paid for by Touchy Feely.) At this point, I was getting pretty tired, so I stepped away from the bar and leaned against the wall while Dee and Touchy Feely conversed. We finally ended up leaving at 4, when it closed.

And this concludes my 30th birthday extravaganza. I just want to thank everybody for helping me celebrate (everybody knows who they are; no need to name all the names). Your presence made it the best birthday I've ever had. Thanks for the love and support!

Shawn and Dee, you're up next. Let's see what yall come up with lol.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Milestone (Part One)

Well folks, on March 15, I celebrated a milestone (by society's standards I guess). I reached the big 3-0. Of course I got the whole 'you're old' comments, but I don't mind that at all. I consider myself an old soul anyway, so I'm embracing it and can't wait to see what God has in store for me as I enter my third decade of life.

It was kind of a last-minute decision for me, but I decided to have a smaller gathering yesterday at my friend Shawn's house. (My REAL party will be at a restaurant in NYC this upcoming Saturday.) It was just like any other typical, drinks, friends, (some) cute boys, and just all-around fun, fun, fun. I really just wanted my closest friends and the friends I've known the longest to be there, and I was happy with the turnout. (Of course there were newer faces there but I didn't mind.)

The party started at 8, but you know black folk don't ever get to parties on time lol. So most of em filed in after 9.
Some of my friends presented me with my own personal bottle of liquor (in addition to the bottle of Alize I bought for myself). Hmmm.....I guess I'm officially a lush now lol. My friend Chef Fuzzy cooked a scrumptious meal (made to order) of fried chicken, baked ziti, macaroni & cheese, string beans. Of course I fucked that food up, and so did everybody else that ate. And my other friend, Mama Omar, baked a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (made to order again). Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, whether they were eating, drinking (which yours truly definitely did, more on that later lol), conversing, watching movies, or playing cards. By the time it came for me to cut my cake, the alcohol was seepin up on me. My friends wanted me to do a little speech, but I was never good at that stuff. I basically thanked everybody for comin out and supporting me. I was truly grateful and appreciative. I never dreamed I would have so many friends, cause I was so shy and introverted growing up. I felt truly blessed to have good people around me. After I had a few more drinks, ya boy was RIPPED! I sat my ass down on a chair and didn't get up til.....I ran to the bathroom to throw up. LMAO. I was told later that I had at least 6 drinks, but I only counted 4. Oh well, it's my party and I can throw up if I want to LOL. I was drifting in and out of sleep for much of the early morning, so I didn't get to see most of my guests leave. I was so drunk I couldn't even drive my boi Jay home (sorry Jay lol). I woke up for the last time around 7AM this morning. I didn't have a headache, but I damn sure felt nautious. Had to take some Pepto Bismol to calm my stomach down. Musta been the remnants of the liquor still swimmin around lol.

Oh yeah, and to further prove my theory of one degree of separation in this lifestyle, this dude that I used to mess with showed up too. I didn't have his new number, and I didn't think he knew anybody I knew but, alas, he did. I was kinda surprised to see him, but I quickly got over it. He showed up with his boyfriend (that he left his girlfriend for lol).

So that was my first birthday celebration. The upcoming one this Saturday will be more sophisticated (and most likely have more people). You know what that means....that I will not be passed out nowhere in a drunken stupor lol. I'll keep yall posted...