Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Milestone (Part One)

Well folks, on March 15, I celebrated a milestone (by society's standards I guess). I reached the big 3-0. Of course I got the whole 'you're old' comments, but I don't mind that at all. I consider myself an old soul anyway, so I'm embracing it and can't wait to see what God has in store for me as I enter my third decade of life.

It was kind of a last-minute decision for me, but I decided to have a smaller gathering yesterday at my friend Shawn's house. (My REAL party will be at a restaurant in NYC this upcoming Saturday.) It was just like any other typical, drinks, friends, (some) cute boys, and just all-around fun, fun, fun. I really just wanted my closest friends and the friends I've known the longest to be there, and I was happy with the turnout. (Of course there were newer faces there but I didn't mind.)

The party started at 8, but you know black folk don't ever get to parties on time lol. So most of em filed in after 9.
Some of my friends presented me with my own personal bottle of liquor (in addition to the bottle of Alize I bought for myself). Hmmm.....I guess I'm officially a lush now lol. My friend Chef Fuzzy cooked a scrumptious meal (made to order) of fried chicken, baked ziti, macaroni & cheese, string beans. Of course I fucked that food up, and so did everybody else that ate. And my other friend, Mama Omar, baked a yellow cake with chocolate frosting (made to order again). Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, whether they were eating, drinking (which yours truly definitely did, more on that later lol), conversing, watching movies, or playing cards. By the time it came for me to cut my cake, the alcohol was seepin up on me. My friends wanted me to do a little speech, but I was never good at that stuff. I basically thanked everybody for comin out and supporting me. I was truly grateful and appreciative. I never dreamed I would have so many friends, cause I was so shy and introverted growing up. I felt truly blessed to have good people around me. After I had a few more drinks, ya boy was RIPPED! I sat my ass down on a chair and didn't get up til.....I ran to the bathroom to throw up. LMAO. I was told later that I had at least 6 drinks, but I only counted 4. Oh well, it's my party and I can throw up if I want to LOL. I was drifting in and out of sleep for much of the early morning, so I didn't get to see most of my guests leave. I was so drunk I couldn't even drive my boi Jay home (sorry Jay lol). I woke up for the last time around 7AM this morning. I didn't have a headache, but I damn sure felt nautious. Had to take some Pepto Bismol to calm my stomach down. Musta been the remnants of the liquor still swimmin around lol.

Oh yeah, and to further prove my theory of one degree of separation in this lifestyle, this dude that I used to mess with showed up too. I didn't have his new number, and I didn't think he knew anybody I knew but, alas, he did. I was kinda surprised to see him, but I quickly got over it. He showed up with his boyfriend (that he left his girlfriend for lol).

So that was my first birthday celebration. The upcoming one this Saturday will be more sophisticated (and most likely have more people). You know what that means....that I will not be passed out nowhere in a drunken stupor lol. I'll keep yall posted...


ponoono said...

I had a guy who was 29.5 once tell me he never dated anyone over thirty. I never chatted with him again so I guess I missed the suicide 6 mos later LMAO>

congratulations on negotiating this big milestone with the help of the white porcelain demi-god.

Promiscuous X said...

Ponoono you should see my blog. He had a hella good time. Lol JB I had to post those pics lol. Head all in the toliet. Lol i even pressed my ass cheeks on ya lips. You slept like a baby lol.

Also, hmmm now I get the full story. Thats how you knew my friend..which is my other friend boyfriend lol. Its a small world man truly is. Im glad you had a good time. Can't wait for saturday...I hope we hittn up an after hours spot ,...say umm a hotel lol

fuzzy said...

All I have to say is "BABBBBYYYYY!!!!!" lol hahahaha I can't wait till tonight!

ponoono said...

X why wud u put your cheeks to his lips after those lips been kissing the toilet seat??