Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family and Family Reunions

Yesterday, for only the second time in my life, I went to my family reunion. The first one I went to was about 4 years ago and had a lot more people. This one was significantly smaller. Many people opted not to go period, and others who said they were coming didn't show up. Honestly, I was not planning on going myself. I only found out about it the week before, and they were asking for $55 from everybody. I thought to myself, $55 for what??? I don't really feel like being around my family this time. And it's not even a damn pay week. I'll pass. But my cousin (who was coordinating the event) wanted me to come and represent for those in my family with my last name. So after talking with her on the phone for about 10-15 minutes, I gave her my word that I would attend.

The reunion was held at some small park in central NJ. It (supposedly) started at 10AM, and I got there around 1:30PM. No sense being there real early; it is a black event after all lol. And I was right. When I pulled up to the park, there was barely anybody there (I would say about 10 people). This was gonna be a pretty boring ass family reunion. After I greeted the few people that were already there, I sat down and ate and engaged in small conversation. Gradually, people started coming in. And I have to admit, I had more fun than I thought I would. We played a few games, ate some bangin ass food, and just plain had a good time in each other's company.

As we all gathered to leave, the coordinator had some words to say, and the words resonated. She first mentioned how there were "a good 30 people" who told her they would be there but didn't. She went on about how people go where they wanna go and what do what they wanna do, but what do they do for family? She also mentioned how she herself didn't know many of her relatives, even though they lived not too far from her. But the underlying theme was that we may not know each other and do things together like we should, but nothing will ever change the fact that we are and will always be family, and how we need to reach out to each other. Hell, family is the only major stability in life. There's nothing you can do about that. Believe me, I pride myself on the many wonderful friends both old and new in my life. But I'm equally more grateful on the family I have. Nothing like a good ole family reunion to remind a brotha of that.

By the way, the coordinator made no mention of the $55. She didn't press the issue because 1. other people didn't pay either and 2. she understood how the economy was making it hard for some people. Whew...dodged that bullet lmao.

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fuzzy said...

I didn't go to last years, and I'm not interested in going to this years. Nobody has any common issues with me, there are no guys my age there to chill wit, and they all ask intrusive questions. I stay away or i'll show and dip out...