Monday, March 30, 2009

My Addiction

It all started with my father.

When I was a child (around 7), my parents would sometimes let me sleep on the living room couch. Frankly, I didn't mind because I thought it was a lot more comfortable than my bunk bed, which was hard and uncomfortable. When I was there, I would often become awakened by an odd sound...the sound of a high-pitched female. As I opened my eyes to try to figure out where the sound was coming from, my view was blocked by my father sitting directly in front of the TV, with his back to me. It was then that I figured out that the high-pitched female was coming from the TV. She was moaning and making oooohs and ahhhhs sounds repeatedly. Why is she making that sound? I wanna see, I said to myself. Judging by the sound, whatever was going on sure made her feel good. And my father sat in front of the TV for quite a long time to view what was making her feel good. This continued for a few years, and each time, my curiousity became more and more piqued.

Fast forward a few years.

One day, when my parents were out of town, my oldest brother invited his friend and 2 females to come over. He forced my middle brother and I to go to the bedroom while they stayed in the living room. Being the curious little boy that I was, I crept up to the doorway of the living room to hear what was going on. To my amazement, I heard the same high-pitched female sound that I heard when I saw my father in front of the TV. Where they watching the same thing? After a while, I figured out that what my brother was watching had to have been something bad. Why would he not let my brother and I watch it too? So I told him I was gonna tell my parents what my brother had been watching. That was all my brother needed to hear, because he begged me not to tell them, grabbed me, and forced me to sit in front of the TV to see the source of the high-pitched woman. I was fascinated yet confused:

- Why don't they have clothes on?
- What is that hairy thing between her legs?
- Why is he pushing his pee pee into her like that?
What is that white stuff coming out of his pee pee hole?

I definitely had no plans of telling my parents after that. But I still needed more....more explanation, more sight, more sound, more, more, more!

By the time I was a teenager, my curiosity reached the max. (I wasn't having sex like most teenage boys, so I reached my curiosity max a lot faster lol.) I found out that my brothers had some porno videos hidden away in either our clothes closet or the bottom drawer. When noone was around, I would take the videos out, put them in the VCR (I'm so glad I had a VCR in my room lol), and watched the movies in sheer amazement and joy. I saw white people, black people, and sometimes both enjoying themselves together, moaning and screaming in glee. Suckin dick and titties, eatin pussy, gettin fucked in the pussy and ass, squirting liquids all over their bodies. They were doin it at every location...couches, beds, tables, desks, on a boat, on the floor. Is that what this is all about? I could get used to watching this. Hell, I didn't even masturbate; I was too amazed by their own euphoria to worry about myself.

Now, anybody that knows me knows (or has heard) that I collect porn clips/movies to distribute. I sometimes buy them online, but most times I get them for free from multiple yahoo groups that post them (damn, just revealed my secret lol). Some of them take a long time to download, but I'm a very patient man for FREE porn! I sometimes like the straight ones (mmmmmm Brian Pumper), but they don't get me like the good ole gay ones (I love it every time Shorty J gets fucked). My friends and friends of my friends ask me if I have this so and so movie with so and so. Many times, they will just say that they need any clip/movie and leave it up to me to decide what I want to give them. I feel like a gay Blockbuster. Shit, I have 25 CDs/DVSs of porn, and that's not even counting the many more stored on my laptop. Oh well, it is what it is. But I say all this to say, without shame (or rehab)...

My name is Greg, and I am a porn addict.


Promiscuous X said...

LMAO...ill drink to that....

I need a new DVD RAW THUGS is not working anymore lol

fuzzy said...

I need RAW thugs 2... I only have 1 and 3! lmao...

I don't even watch porn like that anymore... I even took my last porn off of my G1... (y'all know good and well if you could put it on your cell you would!)

Greg... I'm gonna have a lil confession post myself... you might like it...

M.D. Rice said...

Awwww, I love to see Shorty J get fucked too. Did you see the one where they stuck a cell phone in his ass?? LMFAO

Darius T. Williams said...

I hate that I'm about to admit this too - BUT, I'm addicted too. And I take care of business when I watch.

Um, I love Brian Pumper too - although, i'm waiting to see him get fucked. And Shorty J is a much better bottom than he his a top - especially w/those 10 inches he has.

it's a shame that I know the porn stars, BY NAME and that I have quite a collection as well.

Hit me up - I'mma need to get a hold to said Yahoo groups.

My name is Darius, and I'm addicted right along with you.

Jersey Brotha said...

@ X: What do you mean it's not working anymore? Once I burn a porn DVD, it should work forever. What did you do...nutt on it? LOL

@ Fuzzy: Raw Thugz 2 really wasn't that good. Believe me, once you have the first one, you don't need the others. Now hurry up and post that 'confession post!'

@ M.D. Rice: I sure did! I already added that one to my collection. I was actually quite disturbed by that scene the first time, but I got over it real quick lol.

@ DTW: Well Brian Pumper has already gotten his ass eaten. I'm waiting for the natural progression lol. I'm really turned off seeing Shorty J fuck. And welcome fellow porn addict. *Applause*

Nobody not really... said...

I think if you're a guy and you have a penis, then you love porn.

Nuff said.

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Back in high school, we might have been real close buddies. I had a huge porn fascination, when I was high school, all kinds of straight porn downloaded. I use to use Kazaa I believe that's what it was called. Don't have that computer anymore, anyway. Only a couple gay downloads.

I had downloaded so many, that a month or so ago, I was at this dude house that I messed with once or twice, and he was telling me about all his 2,000 music downloads. I persuaded him to download some porn, and everything he was downloaded. I had already downloaded, years ago. It was seen this one...oh that's a good one ... this has a great part there...etc.
I was kinda embarrassed, eventually, I felt like a freak.

I don't do porn as much anymore. Actually not at all. I'm kinda once I've seen it once or twice, it does nothing for me anymore.

I might download a new program to download porn again. I definitely want to see that cell phone in the ass thing, y'all are talking about!

Jersey Brotha said...

@ Nobody not really: I think you're right.

@ YB&DL: Damn, I should've known you in HS! LOL I sometimes use Limewire to download porn, but most times I get frustrated and give up. And that movie with the cell phone up the ass is the!

Promiscuous X said...

Dam jersey brotha u worste then me wen it comes to posting lol