Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who? Me?!

I've already told yall about my cute coworker. But I've never mentioned anything about my SEXY coworker...

He's a 31-year-old dude who was born in Honduras (don't know when he came to the U.S.), about 5'9" or 5'10," slim, dark brown skinned, with a body to kill for! I've seen it with my own eyes....nice chest, abs, arms, back. He hits the gym at least 4 times a week, doing all types of pushups and pullups, lifts and dips in the most ingenious ways (I've seen the Youtube clips.) And, he's pretty good lookin in the face. Whew! I think I need a break to fan myself off! LOL Anyway, every day he comes down to where I'm sitting to mess with me, tell me what chick he's messed with/fucked (he's shown me pics), and just shoot the breeze. Even though he has his hoeing tendencies, he is amazingly focused. In 10 years, the man has earned about 5 or 6 certifications, worked his way up from a help desk tech to an Assistant VP (making at least 80K I'm sure), all while married with two kids (he's separated now). And now he's starting his own clothing line because he does not see himself working in Corporate America much longer. I admire his drive and determination to go out there and work hard to get what he wants to make himself happy. I'm still working on getting even half the drive within myself.

Now that I've given you the background on this dude, let's get into what transpired today...

Around 11am today, he strolls over to my desk. "Well if it isn't my man Greg," he says smiling as he reaches out his hand for me to shake. I'm always happy to see his sexy ass!
"Wassup," I replied shakin his hand back.

Some small talk was exchanged, then the question arose...

Sexy Coworker: "If I asked you to help me hit somethin, would you do it?"

*I rewinded in my mind for a few seconds what he just said. Oh shit! Is he for real?! Is he really askin me to join in on a fuckin threesome with him??? Up popped the angel and devil. The angel side said, no. You're a conservative dude; it's really not your thing. Stay away. And like dick! LOL

The devil side said, fuck it. You only live once. Live now! Who knows, you might like it so much you'll want it again. And oh yeah, it's a perfect opportunity to see your coworker's dick, the one that slides into those Magnums. It's a win/win situation.* What's a man to do?

Me: "I would first have to see what she looks like first," I said half-heartedly.
SC: "Let's say it was (name of another female coworker that he's already been fuckin)." Would you do it?
Me: *Shrugging my shoulders* "Aight, why not?" I replied nonchalantly.
SC: "Aight bet, and don't back out on me," he replied and walked away.

When he left, I just laughed to myself. Then my self-consciousness started to speak to me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the opportunities of physical expression in the bedroom like anyone else. But who am I kidding? What the hell does my gay ass know about a chick? I've never been with one sexually. What if I don't even get hard when the time comes? Only one coworker knows that I get down, and I only told him cause I've built up a rapport good enough to a point where I know I can trust him with what I tell him, and it won't circulate around the workplace. But this dude? I don't know. He's cool, but I don't know how he'll take it if he knows about me. The funny thing is, he's made jokes about me being gay. He will SERIOUSLY gag if I ever told him the real deal. And besides, who I sleep with is not for everybody at my job to know about, so I seriously doubt if I will ever tell him.

He didn't tell me when this supposed threesome will happen. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. But I'm still left laughing and saying to myself, who? Me?!


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

ROTF!!!! YOU?! I laughed when you text me earlier and I continue to laugh now. I just wanna watch cause to see your reaction to pussy would be ABSOLUTELY!!! LoL


Jay said...

Jb and pussy, that's a worst combo than oil and water...I want a front row seat so I can laugh as it is

life said...

I think he is trying to see if you get down. Something is not right

fuzzy said...

this is sooo hilarious! more power to you though, let me know ow this goes down iight! I expect to see a follow up post concerning this

ShawnQt said...

Do it! Do it! Do it! I can get the camera, live xtube exclusive!

We can call it: Gay Man Gags during Threesome with Chick!


ShawnQt said...

this also reminds me of the first episode of Noah's Arc!

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Still Fucking laughing! Jay, we need to send JB back to 7th grade sex ed. LoL.


Jersey Brotha said...

Ummm Blaq, Jay has never experienced fish either. He'll need to sit right next to me in sex ed lol.

ponoono said...

just start out by eating a lot of tuna salad sandwiches.. thats good training for what ya nose is gonna be experiencing.

YoungBlack&DL said...

LOL, who asks another co-worker, if they want to join in a threesome?...I mean really, is he fo real?

I guess you should be really flattered. Either she thinks your hot, or he thinks your hot. Maybe he wants to see what your working with? Who knows he might get down...I have learned that just because he talks about all the pussy he gets, that means nothing... I have had my share of a guy talking about pussy this, and pussy that, and 5 minutes latter, either he or I are going down!

I don't think you need sex lessons. Just look at him a lot and focus on his dick. You should stay pretty hard. Try to keep it, where it's just her giving you oral sex, that should be a safe bet. If you are asked or directed to do more, well...I really don't have anything else for you, except fake premature ejaculation!

If your asked to give oral on her, do as my barber told another person in my barbershop once. Just throw a piece of ice up the shoot, and let your tongue try to chase it.... Close your eyes and pretend your trying to suck a slippery oyster.

A positive chance, they might just want a watcher, people love a voyeur, now a days!

Ty said...

Don't knock p****. Give it a try, you may like that too. If not, just keep sneaking a look at him. You'll stay aroused.

Trackstar said...

You should def do it and let me know how it was cuz i wanna try it before i leave for texas lol

Thoughts said...


Hell I am usually a conservative too, but i say DO IT! You are worrying about getting hard, but ur sexy ass co-worker will probably keep your attention and seeing another dick live and in person, is usually enough for me. LOL.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Dayz later and I still find this comical! I don't understand why these opportunities don't present themselves to me...?! I'd be tha one fuckin tha shit outta her and tryna get my cheap feels on him! Hell we could do this once a week for all I care, shit! I guess that's why it doesn't happen to


Promiscuous X said...

Oh wow lol YOUNGBlk& DL yo ya comments be crazy yo lol but raw lol.

WHO greg with pussy in his face that is a sight to see lol.

You shoulda practiced on Fuzzys Godsister last weekend sh'll let anybody eat her twat... you see "O" got his 1st taste a couple of months ago lol of course, I did aswell but thats nothing new lol.

Good Luck