Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Icebox Continues (Part One)

Wassup yall,

When it comes to men, dating and especially relationships, I have an icebox where my heart used to be. Hey, I'm not ashamed to tell it. (But don't get me wrong, I'm still a cool-ass person.) It's been that way for a LONG time, and I'm not holding my breath on if that will change soon lol. Let me tell you my latest encounter:

Yesterday I went out on a second "date" with this 23-year-old dude I met online. (I put off meeting up with him again for as long as I could lol.) He seems like a nice dude, but he's a little too fem and brash for me. Anyway, we agreed that we would go see Rush Hour 3 up at Essex Green at 10:15, and he told me to call him once I got to his area in Orange. So around 9:05 I exited 280 and hit him up. No answer. I called a second time. No answer again. I called a third time and left him a VM. Not wanting to leave the area, I parked my car on a side street literally around the corner from his house and left him another VM and text. I waited 40 DAMN MINUTES for him to return his call. At this point, I'm pissed! So I said to myself, if he doesn't answer this one last call, I'm goin home. I call him one last time and lo and behold, he decides to answer. I ask him where has he been and if he got all of my texts and VMs, to which he replies he didn't cause his phone doesn't get a good signal where he is. Hmmm....he had no problems texting and calling me non-stop from his home when I was on the train coming back home earlier, I thought. Then he tells me that he was away from his phone because he was busy cleaning up his house! WTF??!! Didn't we have a "date" scheduled??? So he apologized (half-heartedly in my book) and I asked him if he still wanted to go to the movies. By this time it's damn near 10:00, and the last movie is at 10:15. So either we were gonna be late or barely get there on time. So he goes, whatever u wanna do. *Sigh* I hate when dudes say that to me if we're goin out a date. He starts mentioning some places where we can go for a few drinks (good idea!), so we stop at some lounge/bar/restaurant in South Orange called Toro (nice restaurant, bad service) where I enjoyed an appetizer and a big glass of Grey Goose and cranberry. Most of the time we were both sendin texts back and forth and occasionally conversing. And honestly, I was just ready to send his ass right back home. He fucked up my night! After that, one of his peoples called him and told him that they were outside his house and they wanted to go to the city and chill. Thank God, I thought to myself, now I can get rid of his ass. So I dropped him off and went on home. This was around midnight.

So now I'm gonna get in contact with him very soon to let him know that I really do not see this going anywhere, and he can either take it or leave it (I'm not gonna say the last part to him though. I still care somewhat about people's feelings.) I text him this morning simply asking if he enjoyed his night out, to which I got no response. He's probably working at the hair salon anyway, so it's cool. But I gotta tell him sooner rather than later and cut my losses (not that it's a loss for me any damn way!).

So, just like all the others, I got tired of this dude after only a few encounters. I know I know...why? And why did I go out on a second date with him? I really don't know why. It's become sort of a sub-conscious thing with me. There's always one thing that really irks me about a dude, and I find myself resisting and keeping my distance, which prevents anything from developing. As far as why I went out on a second date, as much as an icebox I have, I really do like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I thought that by the time the second date came around, there would've been something new that I found in him that I really liked or was attracted to. But there wasn't, and now I'm gonna tell dude that, even though he's a nice dude, I have no attraction to him and I don't see anything evolving. I'll probably hit him up tomorrow cause I'm enjoying the night out for my boy's b-day, and I refuse to let that fool fuck up my night tonite lol.

Stay tuned....


ponoono said...

those young ppl are sooo annoying LOL


at least u are being cool about this.. you are only a few years past it yourself right??


Promiscuous X said...

I am laughing my ass off rite now. lol all day. So that is who u was with when I was textn u lol. Greg you 1 funny mofo lol. I'm mad he tried to play you like that. Also I gotta ask. You said 2 key words in your blog the age 23 & the salon lol. Ummmm (pause). Is dis nigga name Ian lol. Look like a fake ass bobby valentino lol. Phone number 862-452-.......

life said...

yeah, let it go!

ShawnQt said...

So yeah, I'm glad your not wasting your time with him anymore. Hey you have to kinda enjoy dating azzholes... meaning that... have a sense of humor about it because THERE WILL BE MORE!

It makes for good blogging, lol, and one day, I KNOW dude will come out of nowhere, and you will be talking about how ur icebox melted, lol.

Daemian said...

Thats pretty much the reason I always dated older guys. I couldn't deal with the crap, 10 years ago, that guys my age were dishing out. So I dated older, more refined (not necessarily more mature as we all will find) men.