Monday, August 20, 2007

My Icebox Continues (Part 2)

As promised, here is my continuation of my icebox. OK, so I finally got in contact today (through text) with the dude from Friday. He hit me up when I was on my lunch break. He sent me his normal text ("Wassup"). After a few brief text exchanges, I finally came out with it and told him that he's a nice dude but he's not my type. To which his reply was, "Never said I was looking to be anyone's type. To be real with you, you was never my type either." I couldn't help but wonder, was I too MASCULINE for him lol. Who knows? I left that one alone. But then he tells me *drum roll* that he has a boyfriend! Oh reaaaaaallly??? When I read that, my big eyes grew even bigger, but rest assured I was not trippin at all. I laughed after a while cause I pay these dudes no attention most times. Then my inquisitive side got the best of me, so I asked him how long he's been with his dude and how things are going. (Cause why would he be goin out on dates with me if things were OK with his dude? Was he tryin to be a fake ass playa, or was he unhappy and trying to escape his problems through me?) He tells me he's been with him since March, and things are cool. That's where the questions stopped, cause then he precedes to tell me to stop with the questions because it doesn't concern me. I simply replied "LOL whateva." The nerve of these dudes...tryin to have their cake and eat it too. I've already taken his name off my BGC list. I'll give myself up to a week to delete him from my Yahoo IM and my phone (blame my benefit-of-the-doubt-givin side lol). Maybe he'll wanna still talk to me on a friends-type level, but I'm not holdin my breath. Oh well, another one bites the dust.

And so my icebox continues to freeze....

Until next time fellow bloggers!


ponoono said...

Move on !

ShawnQt said...

OOOOO THAT GETS ME SO MAD! But I'm going to hold it in, and just be glad you ended it way before he did. Seems like that should be the main question u ask somebody before even going on a date. "Do u have a boyfriend????"

The best way to stop all this is to keep telling our stories and sooner or later dudes will get the hint!

Jay said...

Ok lets have real talk, dude doesn't have a man and the only reason u went on the 2nd date is b/c u didn't see what his head game was like. I don't understand y u stress these dudes so much, u kno as well as I do, they r not going to be anything more than a friend with benefit and that's at the very most. Don't stress them, don't let them get to u, unless u trying to wife them

Promiscuous X said...

I been waiting all day To get home an finally comment on this 2nd part to yo cold hearted ass blog lol

1) I know the asshole you are referring to and to me the bitch aint cute.

2) hes a lier I played his ass out last month. He got mad I didnt wanna come see him (several times).(Did you see the pictures "Scary")

3) he look like a fake ass bobby V. big ass fuckn nose.

4) he works in a fuckn hair salon "big fuckn NO NO"

5) He swear he the shit, bitch aint got no car but he got money, Stuntn in his sister 2007 Toyota Solara (Nigga go hard or go home).

6) he dont dont have no fuckn boyfriend since no got dam march (If he do I feel sorry for the dude he wit). He was dam sure tryna get me to bang em out.

I hate when fags try an play out dudes that got alot going for themselves. I had a good mind to call an blast his ass on the phone but greg wouldnt let me. lol such a loser lol.


Ty said...

I've been learning not to let men stress you the f*** out. Take EVERYTHING as it is what it is. NO Expectations!!! Why? Because most will fail you every time.

Jersey Brotha said...

Thanks for the advice everybody. Believe me, I don't stress off ANY dude. That's why I choose to remain single.