Monday, November 26, 2007

A Family Member at Work! (Conclusion)

This is the conclusion to my previous blog with the same title....

Well folks, my curiosity finally got the best of me about my work "family member." Today, as I celebrated my 2nd day of vacation, I casually exchanged e-mails with him (hell, I was bored and wanted to talk to him). Thankfully, he was willing to return the e-mails. So then he asks me to help him set up his 401K account, which warranted a phone call. As I was helping him set up his account, I heard him laugh. I asked, "What are you laughing at?" His reply: "At my manager." So I said, "Oh, so are you and your manager having a kee kee moment?" His reply: "Down!" (emphasis on the word of course) After this (and many other) discussions, my intuitions were damn near eating me alive, and I had to know for myself what was up with this dude. I slowly started to drop hints at him. This was our e-mail exchange:

Me: I have a question to ask you, but I don't know how you're gonna react. It's kinda personal.
Him: Then don't ask lol.
Me: LOL then it's gonna eat away at me. I wanna ask you cause I think you cool as hell, but I also don't want you to think less of me (or vice versa). *Sigh* What's a brotha to do?
Him: Lol nah I hear u, but we r just getting to be cool n I would not wanna mess that up. So just leave it alone lol.
Me: Do I have to leave it alone? LOL But for real, I know we're still gonna be cool. But dammit, my inquisitive side is getting the best of me. I gotta get this weight off my shoulder lol. I don't wanna ask you at work though.
Him: Go just ask. goes...I took a deep breath and slowly typed what I had wanted to ask him for months now....

Me: Do you get down?

I hesitated for a few seconds and finally built up the strength to push the "Send" button. As I awaited his response, all kinds of thoughts came to my head:

What if he does? Has he been watching me too? Am I finally gonna have some real fun at work? (LOL) Was my sexual preference now gonna come up at work in the presence of other coworkers?
What would I say/do if he says no? How would he take it? Is he gonna be offended I even asked him that?
Why did I even ask him in the first place? Why did I let my curiosity take over me like that?

I'm sure many more thoughts came to my head, but I didn't have time to think of more, cause the reply finally came back. Ohhhhhhhhhh boy! The moment of truth!

Him: How did I know that's what u wanted to ask? Well sir, no I don't. But a good friend of mine does. N that's where I get some of the "how u doin" stuff from. Cuz I think its funny. N when u hang out with someone u usually pick up their outragous behavior, as in my case. But u do?? I am asking. Wouldn't make a difference to me.

Shit, he was being honest with me. The cat's almost all outta the bag, so I figured that this was the perfect time for me to tell him...

Me: Yup, I do.'re the first person that knows (outside of my friends that also get down). My own family doesn't even know, cause you know how we as black people can be!
Him: Nah. I kinda knew u did. That's y I kee-d with u about shit. I wanted ask. But I was like nah just leave it. But hell yeah we still cool. I respect u for who u r, and u have shown me who u are. So it doesn't matter what u do privately. But u kept saying "my boys my boys" about your people n I was like he definitely gets down lol.

O my! Let me find out he had his gaydar on the whole time lol. Apparently, I've been outting myself slowly around him. Oh well. But damn am I glad he took the news the way he did! I feel like a weight is lifted from my shoulders. I have NEVER told a coworker that I get down. Hell, my family doesn't even know! Now I feel like I can talk to him about anything, and I won't feel ashamed or judged (as black folk can do). Even though he doesn't proclaim to be a true family member, I can confide in him and make him an honorary member. Yaaaaaaaaay I didn't lose my kee kee partner! But shit! Now all my fantasies about him will remain just that...fantasies. Oh well....can't win em all lol.


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Hmmmmm... Well I said "unzip your fly" not "pull out your dick and shake your tail feather". LoL. I still think he can be turned... Let me stop before peeps get the wrong (right) idea about me. LoL


Promiscuous X said...

Blaq u a dam mess lol. Wow i haven't been on your blog in a month. Lol dam i was hoping he was gonna say yeah. It aint nothing like having a fling at work lol a lil sex in the employee bathroom here an there lol, but on a serious note im glad he was receptive of it an to know he has a friend thats "FAMILY" is even better an I agree with Blaq he could be turned, birds of a feather flock together.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

"A lil sex in the employee bathroom here an there..." Ummmmmmm yea, see this is why I shit at home. Once work becomes an 'amusement park', I'm over it! LoL.


Mr. Jones said...

He gets down or will in the future. I'm almost sure of it. Birds of a know what they say. It's true.

I had a similar situation and it turned out that he does get down.

Jay said...

*shaking my head at X" maybe I'm a prun, but sex in public bathrooms seem cheap, whorish and beneath me.

O well he straight, find out what the friend looks like and invite him

Dayne Avery said...

I'm a little suspicious about this dude. He is a little to familiar with the ways of the gays.

But, for now you have a cool co-worker who knows the business and is cool with it. I'm still looking for my straight guy friend.

Trackstar said...

yeah he sounds like he is way to comfortable with the gay lifestyle to be straight

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

ROTF@ "The ways of the Gays"! Dayne, you better act like it's a force!!! LMAO!


Ty said...

For me to sleep with men and to hang around gay men my whole adult life, he knows more of the lingo than I do. Either he is a fast learner or...

I think that he is still trying to test the waters with you. You can't tell just everyone that you are gay. Even when they are and proclaim that they are "discreet". He's probably seeing what you are going to do with this bit of information before coming out.

@ Jay, you know X was kidding, right?!? Right X?!?

fuzzy said...

wooooooowwwwwwww!!!! Greg greg greg greg! You got gaydar'd!!! What makes you think that your family doesn't know about you? lol

But for real X has a point, he may be curious. Stay on him! Just be cool ass friend for now and, who knows, you may get your family member in shining armor! HAHAHAHA

Dapper D said...

Well done! No matter his answer, you got it out in the open and now you can breath freely around him with no pretense. Your #1, YAY!!!


Omar Ramon said...

glad it's a done deal. now kee kee and keep it movin'!

The Captain said...

I thought we attend a job to work, not to find out who in the hell people get down with. Is this some east coast office trivia questionnaire people have to go through over there?

I thank God I got the power to fire people because if anyone ask me anything remotely to that- their ass is grass!

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

LoL@ Captain. You are wild yo. "Office trivia questionaire..."